Alexis von Tschammer


Chemical engineer from the École Supérieure de Chimie Industrielle, Alexis has extensive experience in the performance polymer industry. Alexis will succeed co-founder Marie-Hélène Gramatikoff in July 2022, using his managerial expertise to implement the next step of Lactips' growth.


Frédéric Prochazka

Founder & Research Director
My goal has always been to create the world’s greenest plastic.

Frédéric has been a polymer expert for over 20 years. Having earned a doctorate in polymer chemistry and chemical physics, he went on to become a professor of polymer materials engineering at the Université de Saint-Etienne. His fruitful research on the transformation of natural polymers led him to found Lactips in 2014 in collaboration with Marie-Hélène Gramatikoff. He plans, directs, and advances the research carried out by the Lactips research and development team.


Bertrand Dupeyroux

VP Sales & Marketing
I am committed to developing a virtuous economy, based on reducing our impact on the environment

Bertrand is a multicultural manager with a strong background in the chemical, plastics and food processing industries. Throughout his career, he has developed an expertise in managing activities related to the sales and marketing of high value-added technical products. After having worked for the last few years with major global players in the food industry, Bertrand joined Lactips in April 2022.


Jean-Antoine Rochette

Chief Financial Officer
I strive to bring about sustainable growth

Jean-Antoine took on the role of Administrative and Financial Director at other organisations before joining Lactips in 2016. Combining his expertise in the areas of human resources and accounting, he leads his management division and is in charge of the structuring of Lactips.

Pierre Vendeville

Industrial Director
My top motivation is building clean, sustainable industries for future generations.

Pierre joined Lactips in 2016 as the Industrial Director after an almost two-decade career as a director of development, quality, and equipment purchasing. Pierre is an expert in charge of developing Lactips’ production equipment and objectives.


Jean-Laurent Pradel

R&D Director
If we do what we have always done, we get what we have always gotten.

Jean-Laurent Pradel, engineer and holder of a PhD in Polymer Materials (CNRS UMR1193), has more than 25 years of experience as Head of materials and formulations R&D Laboratory. Thanks to his background, this expert in compounding and reactive extrusion, having boosted his skills in particular in the bivis process, has a perfect command of the various transformations: extrusion, blowing, injection, film conversion. Since 2021, he has joined the Lactips adventure to take over the management of R&D, where he puts his know-how at the service of future developments.