PFAs, a regulatory overview

15 April 2024
Controversial for several years now, PFAS are a group of artificial chemical substances manufactured and used in various industries worldwide. The...
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What innovations for affordable biodegradable materials?

12 April 2024
The packaging industry is gradually turning towards more sustainable packaging solutions, composed mainly of bio-based and/or biodegradable materials. Although this...
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Lactips presents its solution for paper food packaging at the CFIA in Rennes

27 March 2024
3 days, 1700 exhibitors, and nearly 22,000 visitors. These are the figures for the 2024 edition of the CFIA in...
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What are the bio-based alternatives to polyolefins ?

29 February 2024
To reduce the amounts of petroleum used by the plastic industry, there are several complementary strategies: Elimination of plastic unnecessary...
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Bio-based and biodegradable packaging for a petroleum-free world

19 December 2023
In the face of environmental challenges, we urgently need to move away from our dependence on fossil fuels, particularly petroleum....
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[WHITE PAPER] Boosting the Biodegradability of Plastic Products is Possible!

19 December 2023
Plastic materials vary in terms of properties, functions, origin, and the nature of their end of life. Petro-sourced polymers impose...
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The resurgence of glass bottle deposit: a necessity in the era of the circular economy

20 September 2023
The reintroduction of glass bottle deposits comes at a time when promoting the circular economy is necessary, all while limiting...
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Lactips’ innovation and creativity recognized by WIPO

19 September 2023
Lactips, the French company specialized in the production of 100% biosourced, water-soluble, and biodegradable polymer, is pleased to announce that...
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Lactips announces a new addition to its Executive Committee

5 July 2023
Lactips – a French company specialised in producing 100% biobased natural polymers that are water-soluble and biodegradable in various environments...
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Bertrand Dupeyroux’s view of the future of plastics processing through bioplastics

3 July 2023
Pioneer in natural polymers based on proteins since 2014, Lactips rethinks plastic by developing and manufacturing a plastic without plastic,...
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Naturality booster, CareTips®️, major opportunity for the plastics industry

27 June 2023
The world as we know it doesn’t work without plastic, but that doesn’t mean we’re all familiar with the terms...
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[WHITE PAPER] The importance of the circular economy in packaging

15 May 2023
Humans have extracted more raw materials since the Second World War than at any other time in our history. Our...
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Plastic Free Paper™, a plastic-free coating for cellulose packaging

2 May 2023
For a long time, plastic additives have been used to ensure the watertightness and sealability of paper packaging. While these...
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Heat-sealable packaging without plastic: is it possible?

30 April 2023
Trays, films and heat-sealable pouches play an essential role in food preservation. However, in addition to being an environmental hazard,...
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[PODCAST] Unboxing your packaging

28 April 2023
When companies are aiming for plastic-free, they would like an alternative having the exact same properties as conventional plastics while...
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