Qui sommes nous ?

Key figures

more than 45
employees, 10% of whom have PhDs

of employees are women

36 years old
Average employee age

1500 m2
of space at the operations centre at the Métrotech technology park


Our facilities

Our offices located in the Gier valley in Saint-Paul-en-Jarez (42-Loire) Lactips benefits from an ideal location.  Lactips is located in a verdant setting, making it a pleasant place to work in at the gateway to the Pilat Natural Park. This location is also strategic, giving the company access to a major technological centre and putting it in close proximity to its scientific, industrial, and institutional partners.


Four good reasons to join Lactips


Innovation is the key objective at Lactips.

Being creative, yet realistic. Being passionate, yet pragmatic. Being challenge-oriented and persistent in our strategy. Our innovative company is driven by its employees, who reinvent themselves by developing a market of the future, using their skills to support the environment.



Four good reasons to join Lactips


Giving meaning to our actions is the common theme for everyone who contributes to Lactips.

Our company works to develop clean technologies while offering economically sound and lasting solutions in response to the needs of today’s industries and to the urgent need for a more sustainable approach to the environment. Our environmental concerns push us to get ahead of the competition. Joining Lactips means taking sustainable action for the planet and taking on economic, environmental, and social challenges.

Four good reasons to join Lactips


When you join Lactips, you join an ambitious, tight-knit, and dynamic team that likes to take on new challenges and innovate

The Lactips team is built around the company’s values and has given itself the means to achieve its ambitions by creating a local base with a global reach. The company’s goals take into account the group, but also each individual.

Four good reasons to join Lactips


Lactips gives particular importance to training and skill development for its employees. These are integral to Lactips’ corporate culture.

We truly strive to support our employees. This includes creating a collaborative environment that encourages the development of each individual. If you join us, you will have the opportunity to learn and grow in a dynamic and creative team united by company goals and a desire to develop sustainable and renewable technologies in support of the environment.

Four great reasons to join Lactips


Innover est l’objectif clé chez Lactips.

Être créatif mais réaliste. Être passionné mais pragmatique. Être challenger mais directif dans notre stratégie. Le moteur de notre entreprise innovante, ce sont des collaborateurs qui se réinventent en développant un secteur d’avenir grâce à leurs compétences au service de l’environnement.


Donner du sens à nos actions est le leitmotiv de chaque acteur qui construit Lactips.

Notre initiative s’inscrit dans le développement de technologies propres en offrant des solutions économiquement concrètes et pérennes en réponse aux besoins industriels actuels et à l’urgence d’une réalité écologique plus durable. Nos préoccupations environnementales nous poussent à avoir une longueur d’avance. Rejoindre Lactips : c’est agir durablement pour la planète et relever des défis économiques, environnementaux, sociaux et sociétaux.


En intégrant Lactips, vous rejoignez une équipe ambitieuse, soudée et dynamique qui aime s’ouvrir à de nouveaux challenges et innover.

L’équipe Lactips s’est construite autour des valeurs de l’entreprise et se donne les moyens de ses ambitions par le biais d’un ancrage local au rayonnement mondial. Le projet de l’entreprise tient compte du collectif mais également de chaque individualité.


Lactips accorde une importance particulière à la formation et au développement des compétences de ses collaborateurs qui font partie intégrante de la culture d’entreprise.

Nous avons une réelle volonté d’accompagner les collaborateurs au sein de l’entreprise. Cela passe également par un environnement collaboratif et propice au développement de chacun. Si vous souhaitez nous rejoindre, vous aurez l’opportunité d’apprendre et d’évoluer auprès d’une équipe dynamique et créative unie par un projet d’entreprise et l’envie d’agir au service d’un environnement durable et renouvelable.



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Pauline QSE Manager
“All of our employees put all of their mental and physical energy into producing environmentally friendly innovations. We reflect, we come together, and we act to create a cleaner world and enable more environmentally friendly consumption. Beyond these environmental concerns, the company is also concerned about its societal impact and promotes mutual support and sharing.”
Kheirdine Field application Manager and Customer support

“In light of today’s climate issues, being part of the Lactips team means that I get to help reduce plastic waste and contribute to responses to environmental challenges.”

Audrey R&D Formulations Unit Manager

“Having joined Lactips in February 2017, I have been able to evolve along with the company. Lactips has taught me professionalism and helped me perfect my skills so that I can achieve my goals. The team is attentive to the needs of each individual. They are kind and welcoming. Every day, I like coming to work to contribute to this common goal in which we all believe: offering solutions that are better for the environment thanks to an innovative material. For me, just being able to participate in this adventure is a victory.”