Plastic Free Paper

A plastic-free coating for cellulose packaging

  • Innovation to rethink the world of packaging, while ensuring full control over their end-of-life, food preservation and food safety
  • Plastic Free Paper: the only coating solution to replace plastics and chemical treatments for sealable packaging papers, a barrier to oxygen, fats and mineral oils
  • Plastic Free Paper is adapted for industrial use for food and non-food applications

No impact on the recyclability of paper and cardboard (Tests carried out with CTP and PTS)

Home compostable, biodegradable in water and in the marine environment (certified TÜV Austria)

Natural polymer (REACH regulation and SUP directive)

Food packaging to meet your circular economy challenges

An adapted solution for

  • Packagings for dry and fat products such as tea, chocolate, confectionery, biscuits or pet food
  • Grease-resistant paper and cardboard for takeaway food

SUSTAINABLE better recyclability of the packaging, allows the integration of recycled fibres thanks to its barrier to mineral oils (MOSH, MOAH)

PERFORMANCEgrease, oxygen and aroma barriers

SAFEComplies with food contact requirements, free of controversial substances (PFAs)

The first plastic-free sealable and home compostable paper

A plastic-free sealable layer to increase the recyclability of paper packaging without impacting its biodegradability

The ideal solution to meet the requirements of the Anti-Waste and Circular Economy law banning the use of plastic for routing films

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