Teams of experts are ready to assist you from the development phase to the start of production


A process focused on natural properties

Coming out of university research, the thermoplastic pellets produced by Lactips are the result of over 10 years of research and development. This one-of-a-kind technology is protected by six international patents and has earned certification.

Expertise scientifique

The Lactips R&D team, composed of science PhDs, project managers, engineers, and technicians, continues to develop the mechanical and technical properties of the material through partnerships with Jean Monnet University in Saint-Etienne and its Polymer Materials Engineering Laboratory (IMP, UMR CNRS 5223), the University of Montpellier, and partner companies.


Focused on mastering production techniques and processes

Lactips distributes its water-soluble, bio-based plastic pellets to plastics specialists worldwide. By building close, sustainable relationships with its industrial partners, Lactips continues to develop the properties of its material with the goal of finding new applications. As such, Lactips’ teams are able to quickly help customers find the best production parameters for their plans.

Expertise industrielle
ISO 9001

Lactips has established a quality management system that stabilises processes and creates an approach for continuous improvement, which are both essential for effectively satisfying customer expectations. In 2019, Lactips earned ISO 9001 certification.

Expertise industrielle

The technical equipment in the company’s production line and the HACCP system help ensure optimum safe conditions for applications intended for the food industry, from initial project acceptance to delivery. Lactips’ growing production capacity allows it to keep all of its sales commitments.


Expert technical and operational support

A nine-person sales team works hard to support customers throughout their project. Thanks to the salespeople’s experience at the international level, they maintain close, high-quality relationships with industrial companies and distribution partners worldwide.

Lactips’ employees offer up their expertise to provide customised solutions, with the development strategy set by the company’s customers, whether the goal is to enter new markets or to boost a portfolio of solutions.

*TÜV Austria OK Water Biodegradable Certificate S0907 and OK Compost Home Certificate S0907 cover the Lactips thermoplastic pellets reference CareTips 300A. Specific grades can be certified upon request.