Water soluble solutions

Lactips has developed a solution that dissolves completely without leaving residue. It is superior to conventional plastics and has been recognised with environmental certifications (TÜV AUSTRIA) or can help earn them (ECOCERT/ECOLABEL/NORDIC ECOLABEL). Its solubility in both cold and hot water, its biodegradability, and its natural origin make it a high-performance, attractive, eco-friendly alternative that meets the needs of many industries while being good for consumers and the planet.


Laundry bags with water-soluble opening

Validated by hospital laundries, Lactips has designed a preventive product to make the handling of infected laundry safer and limit the risk of contamination in the laundry treatment chain. Pushed by the authorities and industry players, Lactips now markets the water-soluble opening system for laundry bags. Placed directly in the machine, the soluble opening disappears completely in contact with cold and hot water, freeing the linen from the bag during the washing cycle and without leaving sticky residues. Made from 100% natural ingredients, the Lactips material meets health and ecological challenges by reducing the use of single-use laundry and by favouring biosourced and fully biodegradable solutions to protect people and the environment.

Water-soluble strip for laundry bag

Laundry perfume beads

Designed with one of the world's leading fragrance creators, CareTips Natural Pearls scented beads help laundry brands innovate in the new range of eco-friendly laundry scent boosters with a unique solution that offers a superior consumer experience. Placed directly in the drum of the washing machine, the beads will dissolve during the wash leaving a fragrant imprint on the clothes. Once dried, the clothes remain fragrant.

Perfume beads



Single-dose packaging for liquid detergent and solid detergent, in powder or tablet form

Very practical for saving time and preventing overuse of detergent, tablets in traditional packaging represent an environmental challenge in terms of the pollutant residue they leave behind, an issue of which consumers are increasingly conscious. In addition to dissolving beautifully, the Lactips material leaves no sticky residue behind. Its total biodegradability and its 100% bio-based composition have been recognised by environmental certifications.

Emballage unidose de détergents 100% naturel

Solid detergents

Salt unidoses

Exemple détergence liquide

Liquid detergents



Single-dose packaging for concrete additives and dyes

Essential components in modern concrete, additives and dyes packaged with the Lactips water-soluble material can be used safely and with greater precision, while complying with the highest environmental standards.

Exemple colorant




Stabilising film for embroidery

The Lactips material’s characteristics are adapted to the manufacturing of stabilising films used in the art or practise of embroidery. Its natural characteristics make it a material of choice for embroiderers of all stripes.



Seed tape

The Lactips material can be used to effectively and precisely plant seeds. Its bio-based and natural composition enable total biodegradability in the soil, supporting more environmentally friendly agriculture.

Étiquette soluble


Water-soluble labels

The Lactips material can be used to create temporary labels. Being print-ready, with no need for pre-treatment, the material offers an innovative, eco-friendly way to inform consumers or liven up any number of products.

*TÜV Austria OK Water Biodegradable Certificate S0907 covers the Lactips thermoplastic pellets reference CareTips 300A. Specific grades can be certified upon request.