Water soluble solutions: the ecological alternative to water soluble plastics

Lactips has developed a solution that dissolves completely without leaving residue. It is superior to conventional plastics and has been recognised with environmental certifications (TÜV AUSTRIA) or can help earn them (ECOCERT/ECOLABEL/NORDIC ECOLABEL). Its solubility in both cold and hot water, its biodegradability, and its natural origin make it a high-performance, attractive, eco-friendly alternative that meets the needs of many industries while being good for consumers and the planet.

Étiquette soluble



Water-soluble labels

CareTips® can be used to create temporary labels soluble in hot and cold water. Being print-ready, with no need for pre-treatment, the material is printable using conventional techniques (flexographic and digital). It offers an innovative and environmentally friendly approach to circular economy issues and is in compliance with the AGEC law. The soluble labels made with CareTips allow to reach the re-use and food function markings channel.

*TÜV Austria OK Water Biodegradable Certificate S0907 covers the Lactips thermoplastic pellets reference CareTips 300A. Specific grades can be certified upon request.