A 100% biobased and renewable

A 100% biobased and biodegradable material

Percentage of bio-based carbon

CareTips® is 100% biobased according to ISO-16620-2:2015 (Figure 1). This implies that 100% of our raw materials come from renewable sources (milk protein and plant-based materials).

After 10 years of scientific experience our R&D team has successfully produced an industrial natural polymer with outstanding properties.

The production process is extremely clean. We only use natural materials and there is no chemical transformation during the production process. It is 100% natural polymer without chemicals, it is home compostable and biodegrades within a few weeks on several environments.

CareTips is made of casein and vegetal ingredients. Casein is a safe, functional and available natural product. Milk contains a lot of different components with their own functional properties and some of them, such as casein, have been used in the manufacture of non-food technical products for many years (glues and natural paints).

The casein used for CareTips comes from Europe is extract as edible but part of casein production is downgraded for food industry because the shelf live is passed due or because the production didn’t fulfil the technical quality requirements. As far as possible, Lactips strategy is to purchase this casein.