Bertrand Dupeyroux’s view of the future of plastics processing through bioplastics

Pioneer in natural polymers based on proteins since 2014, Lactips rethinks plastic by developing and manufacturing a plastic without plastic, 100% bio-sourced, fully biodegradable in all environments and water-soluble without leaving any microplastics. Processable like any plastic, Lactips commercializes its technology, called CareTips®, in markets such as film and paper flexible packaging, labels, agriculture and outdoor sports.


A growing manufacturing sector over the next 5 to 10 years

Within the global production of plastics, the bioplastics part is around 1% today. However, under the combined pressure of regulations and consumers awareness, the market demand is expected to grow rapidly and the production should be multiplied by 3 by 2026 – 2027, according to the OECD.


A response to the challenges of the plastics industry

Because plastics are necessary for human activity, but controlling their end-of-life management is essential, Lactips is facing the biggest challenge of pollution by developing a natural polymer ingredient which has the power to boost the biodegradability of other biopolymers. Some injected parts represent fugitive plastics because they cannot be collected and recycled. Adding CareTips® in formulation can limit the impact of plastic products with a high risk of loss in the environment by boosting their biodegradability.


A company that stands out from its competitors

The material produced by Lactips differs from standard plastics in its technical properties. As such, it has specific performances linked to its properties: solubility in water without leaving microplastics, biodegradability in all environments, support regulatory transition… It also contributes to improving the biodegradability of the plastics with which it is associated, and to having end of life in the environment. Moreover, our technology is a drop-in solution that can be used by plastics manufacturers without any additional investment, to allow a transition to an environmentally friendly economy without destabilising the industry, and by opening up new possibilities. In addition, Lactips has become French Tech 2030 winner, a system promoting the development of breakthrough solutions, such as CareTips®, which meet the challenges of society and industrial sovereignty.


Technological development projects for 2024

Lactips has tested its new blended film solution with a leader blown film extrusion manufacturer for the lamination of bio-waste collection bags adapted to methanisation. The product offers several advantages as being compatible with the different processes, like methanisation and compost ; being a bio-sourced blend film with high methanogenic power and being a facilitator for the upcoming French regulation in 2024 on the collection of bio-waste.


By Bertrand Dupeyroux, VP Sales & Marketing at Lactips