Lactips is innovating for sustainable packaging

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Lactips is innovating for sustainable packaging

  • Industrial and commercial partnership with Plastiques Venthenat to replace polluting plastics for consumer and commercial use
  • Soluble and printable temporary labels
  • Scented laundry pearls working with Givaudan for a matrix that will be fully biodegradable in water
  • Compostable golf tees to protect the greens

Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds, June 3, 2021 – Lactips, the French company specialized in producing a soluble plastic with zero environmental trace, has developed new product applications to continue to address the issue of polluting plastics on multiple levels. Based on work by Lactips’ R&D and Project teams, these eco-solutions address different markets with a view to rapidly replacing their previous plastic materials. The manufacturing and marketing of the new products are moving forward in partnership with major players for these applications so that they can effectively reach their end markets, rapidly contributing to help stop the impact of plastic pollution on the environment.

Lactips and Plastiques Venthenat launch new consumer and commercial applications 

To further strengthen and extend its dedicated range of plastics for water-soluble packaging, Lactips has set up a partnership with Plastiques Venthenat, a French industrial firm specialized for over 40 years in the extrusion of highly technical plastic films, to transform its plastic pellets, based on a natural raw material, with multiple properties, into rolls of films, without any impact on the environment, for distribution to its clients.
Marketed under the BIOCYTER® brand (aiming to replace polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) films), Plastiques Venthenat is directly addressing the single-dose monolayer packaging and detergent markets and laundry services, particularly in the medical sector (thanks to the applications for water-soluble ties and bags).
I am delighted with the partnership agreement signed with Lactips, enabling us to combine our respective areas of know-how to industrially master the extrusion of our BIOCYTER® film based on the Lactips resin. The qualities of this biosourced, water-soluble and biodegradable film are fully aligned with the growing demand among our clients for environmentally-responsible packaging to replace many traditional plastic films”, confirms Michel Rauturier, CEO of Plastiques Venthenat.

Thanks to this industrial partnership, new applications have been able to be developed:

  • Oopya, an ecological disinfectants manufacturer, is removing plastic from the packaging for its single-dose salt sticks thanks to Lactips

Focused on detergents, Oopya has developed an effective, safe and ecological cleaning solution, produced using water, salt contained in a natural, water-soluble plastic packaging, and electricity.
This innovation aims to reduce the use of chemical products and their plastic packaging. It was therefore a natural choice for Oopya to use the water-soluble films made with Lactips pellets to create the packaging for its “salt sticks”, replacing the previous generations of packaging. The products are sold in chains of organic stores or directly to consumers online.

  • Soluble and printable temporary labels

Thanks to its “printable” property, the Lactips material, transformed into a film, makes it possible to create soluble temporary labels. Without any prior treatment, it is aligned with an innovative and ecological approach for temporary labels to provide information, promote or decorate a wide range of products.
The configurations for manufacturers and environmental tests are still being validated, with this new application expected to be launched in 2021.

Lactips links up with Givaudan for scented linen

Developed with a world-leading fragrance company, the “CareTips Natural PearlsTM” are scented pearls that combine Lactips pellets with Givaudan fragrances. They illustrate both partners’ capacity for innovation and co-creation with a view to offering responsible products. Traditionally inserted in PVA or PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) based products, the laundry fragrances will now be packaged in Lactips’ 100% natural and plastic-free carrier material. Soon distributed directly to consumers and in organic store chains, the new scented pearls are placed directly in the washing machine drum, where they dissolve during the washing process, leaving a fresh and delicate fragrance on the clothes even after they have dried.

Transforming plastic in all its forms

Where Lactips tees biodegrade, they lead to healthier grass on the greens.
With its proprietary injectors and molds, Lactips has designed a plastic-free, compostable golf tee that can rapidly biodegrade in nature and the aquatic environment, offering an alternative to plastic, metal, wood or bamboo tees, which are all too often lost or left on golf courses.
In addition to zero ecological and visual impacts, the Lactips golf tees do not cause any damage to equipment used to maintain greens (mower blades and tires can be damaged by conventional tees). The grass even grows greener where the tees have biodegraded.

Thanks to the partnerships set up and our capacity for innovation, led by our R&D team, Lactips is once again proving that its unique material can replace existing plastics by providing sustainable solutions that can easily be integrated by manufacturers and consumers, and are good for the planet. The various developments underway are focused on packaging solutions, as well as improving the recyclability of plastics for industrial clients”, explains Marion Vincent, Innovation Marketing Manager at Lactips. “Our partnership with Plastiques Venthenat will enable Lactips to sustainably position itself on the film sector with a structural model that will be duplicated across the other technical platforms”, concludes Pascal Chabance, Head of Business Development and Sales at Lactips.

About Lactips

Because plastic lasts for hundreds of years in our oceans, causing a major pollution issue, Lactips is manufacturing the first plastic with zero environmental impact, thanks to a pioneering technology enabling it to be produced using a natural raw material. Aligned with sustainable development challenges in the packaging sector and the needs of manufacturers, Lactips pellets are used to produce 100% natural packaging for detergent products. This new material is also suitable for food products.

Created in 2014 by Marie-Hélène Gramatikoff, plastics engineer and business strategy specialist, and Frédéric Prochazka, PhD, lecturer-researcher at Saint-Etienne University, Lactips employs 60 people today and is working to deploy a 2,500 sq.m new production site to further increase its annual capacity to over 3,000 tons.

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