Lactips has developed a water-soluble strip, during the health crisis, for hospital laundries enabling them to isolate contaminated linen

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Lactips has developed a water-soluble strip, during the health crisis, for hospital laundries enabling them to isolate contaminated linen.

  • Fully bio-sourced and biodegradable soluble opening strip

  • Solution rapidly deployed to protect professionals and the environment

  • Fully dissolvable without any sticky residue

Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds (Loire), July 15, 2020 – Lactips, the French company specialized in producing a soluble plastic with zero environmental trace, has developed a solution to produce water-soluble strips for sealing hospital laundry bags, particularly those contaminated with COVID-19.

Faced with the need to safeguard everyone across the supply chain for laundry operations against all threats of infection through contact with potentially contaminated linen, Lactips has rapidly developed a new application: a water-soluble strip designed to seal and limit the handling of laundry bags used by healthcare operators (hospitals, care homes, etc.).

From the first week of the lockdown, following the influx of patients, Lactips was contacted by four regional hospital centers (13, 42, 43 and 94) and an internationally renowned university hospital center covering 39 hospitals across the Paris Region that had a shortage of water-soluble strips. The company responded immediately to the urgent health situation by shipping scored rolls then designing a specific product adapted for these healthcare requirements.

Approved by all the sector’s stakeholders, and released in Europe, this new product, developed in partnership with a French manufacturer, makes it possible to secure the handling of infected linen and limit the risk of infection within the laundry treatment circuit. Placed directly in the machine, the soluble strip disappears completely in contact with water (from 40° to 60°C in accordance with the standard applied), releasing the linen from the bag during the washing cycle without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Lactips is helping maintain the “clean circuit” chain for a range of stakeholders (senior housing, laundry facilities and transport providers). Through this solution, Lactips is once again supporting industrial operators by giving them the means to satisfy the expectations of customers looking for natural and fully biodegradable solutions in order to protect people and the environment.

Lactips responding to health and ecological challenges

During the health crisis, with a shortage of supplies of the strips normally used, the hospital sector has had to find alternatives. Thanks to Lactips, healthcare operators can now source supplies of sealed bags that integrate Lactips’ fully biosourced and biodegradable technology, replacing the existing solutions manufactured with petroleum-based products. To ensure a rapid response to their requirements, Lactips developed not only the technological solution, but also the finished product, in partnership with a leading firm from the bag packaging sector, supplying the bags.

« Initially, we were able to respond quickly to provide a temporary solution for healthcare stakeholders who were on the front line during the epidemic. Faced with growing demand, thanks to the unprecedented mobilization of our teams, supported by local industry, Lactips was able to develop, in record time, an effective and approved solution that is continuing to be used by the hospitals today », explains Pascal CHABANCE, Head of Sales at Lactips.

« In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, our values of protecting people and the environment, which are core pillars for Lactips, drove us to support the hospital world in response to the health emergency. I would like to thank all of my teams, who successfully put them into practice by supporting the national collective effort », confirms Marie-Hélène GRAMATIKOFF, CEO et co-founder at Lactips.


About Lactips

Because plastic lasts for hundreds of years in our oceans, causing a major pollution issue, Lactips is manufacturing the first plastic with zero environmental impact, thanks to a pioneering technology enabling it to be produced using a natural raw material. Aligned with sustainable development challenges in the packaging sector and the needs of manufacturers, Lactips pellets are used to produce 100% natural packaging for detergent products. This new material is also suitable for food products. Created in 2014 by Marie-Hélène Gramatikoff, plastics engineer and business strategy specialist, and Frédéric Prochazka, PhD, lecturer-researcher at Saint-Etienne University, Lactips employs 45 people today and is working to deploy a 2,500 sq.m new production site to further increase its annual capacity to over 3,000 tons.

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