Lactips presents its solution for paper food packaging at the CFIA in Rennes

3 days, 1700 exhibitors, and nearly 22,000 visitors. These are the figures for the 2024 edition of the CFIA in Rennes, which took place from March 12th to 14th. Lactips had the opportunity to participate in this essential event in the agri-food sector, thereby consolidating its status as a pioneer in the world of natural materials, by offering a sustainable solution for plastic-free food packaging.


A changing ecological, health and regulatory context


Indeed, at a time when concerns are growing about PFAS and the dangers they pose, and when recycling packaging is becoming increasingly necessary and demanding, we were able to present our solution, CareTips®, during this edition.

Firstly, let’s recall that PFAS, present in many of our everyday consumer product packaging (such as primary food packaging), are now a major environmental and health concern. Persistent, these dangerous chemicals are found as micro-particles in our bodies and in the environment, with harmful consequences, leading to their prohibition in food packaging as early as 2026.

Our CareTips® pellets, which are coated onto paper packaging to provide sealing functionalities and a barrier against fats and mineral oils, while being natural, plastic and PFAS-free, and 100% water-soluble, are therefore an asset not only to limit the use of PFAS but also during paper recycling. Certified by the stringent recyclability protocols PTS and CEPI, our product ensures the recovery of almost 100% of paper fibers, unlike paper coated with petroleum-derived materials.


A concrete response with a finished product


2024 is also a particularly special year, as it coincides with the 10-year anniversary of Lactips.

And over the course of 10 years, significant progress has been made, both in terms of research and development, and in terms of market expansion and commercial collaborations. This now enables us to proudly present not only our solution but also very tangible applications, such as our flagship collaboration with CGP Coating. This partnership has allowed us to finalize two packaging developments: for la Mère Poulard biscuits and Mademoiselle Desserts’ chocolate cake. The latter, tested with consumers in the bars of TGV Inoui trains at the end of 2023, was a great success thanks to its plastic-free sealed paper packaging. 38% of consumers chose the chocolate cake for its paper packaging, and 46% because it was the only product offered that was not made of plastic.


If you wish to know more about our Plastic Free Paper ™ innovation, please watch the interview of our product innovation manager Benoît Berny for Emballages Magazine.


Shall we say “see you next year”?


On a human level, the CFIA has left a mark on the Lactips teams with increasingly enriching exchanges, which we are certain will lead to beautiful future collaborations. We are extremely proud to be part of the transition towards virtuous food packaging of tomorrow. So, for that too, thank you, and see you at the CFIA in Rennes in 2025! In the meantime, we invite you to watch the filmed interview of Bernard Davroux, business development manager, by Fabrice Peltier!



You missed the event? Don’t worry! You can always contact our teams, who will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with all the technical and market information you need!



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