PLASTIC FREE WORLD EXPO | What to remember ?

Lactips took part in this year’s Plastic Free World Expo, international trade show for industry solutions free from plastic,  in Cologne (Germany) on November 10th-11th! We were very happy to be present again at trade fairs and to meet companies looking for innovation.

Two days conferences and exhibition where our team: Ana Moya Llorens (sustainability and regulation expert), Kheirdine Mellouki (technical process expert) and Regis Garoutte (business plastic industry expert), was presenting our natural polymer for industries looking to substitute traditional plastics and find highly biodegradable bio-based materials.

Our booth number 258 located in Plastic Free World Expo

The show brought together more than 200 expert presentations from companies around the world leading the way in reducing waste plastics, 2021 regulations and the new EU plastics tax, as well as new materials and circular economy solutions.

Plastic Free World Conference & Expo built on the core themes of previous years. Some of the world’s leading companies and brands have demonstrated exactly how they are implementing the sustainable materials innovations and business models that have become staple for Plastic Free World, making it the must-attend event in the calendar. As well as industry-specific applications and solutions for reducing plastic waste and creating more circular and sustainable products, the Greener Manufacturing Show conference stream has explored green chemistry. They have widened the scope of environment-positive materials, while also exploring sustainable manufacturing practices to minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.

In these terms, Lactips has introduced its latest solutions for rethinking plastics:

  • Plastic Free PaperTM is a bio-sourced and home compostable coating grades providing to paper and cardboard high barrier properties and thermo-sealing function for multilayers packaging solutions, with no impact on recyclability. Our natural coating is considered as plastic free according to the Single Use Plastics Directive and it is PFAs free, made with just natural ingredients. It is an innovation developed in collaboration with the eco-organization CITEO to rethink the world of food and non-food packaging, while ensuring full control over their end-of-life, food preservation and food safety.
  • CareTips® can be blended with biopolyesters to increase the biodegradability of products in all environment, even for thick parts, with a high risk of loss to the environment. CareTips® increases bio-sourced content and boosts biodegradability.

Plastic Free PaperTM, PFAs and plastic free coating for multilayers packagings

CareTips®, a major opportunity for plastic industry