[WHITE PAPER] Boosting the Biodegradability of Plastic Products is Possible!

Plastic materials vary in terms of properties, functions, origin, and the nature of their end of life. Petro-sourced polymers impose a significant dependence on fossil fuel whereas bio-based plastics provide a renewable alternative. However, it is essential to note that not all bio-based plastics are automatically biodegradable, and vice versa.


The challenges of reducing dependency on fossil fuel and using renewable materials are crucial.


Through this white paper, Lactips aims to address themes related to the origin and end of life of plastic materials, while offering an innovative alternative solution. This represents a major advancement in the field of plastics, allowing for an increase in the proportion of bio-based and/or biodegradable content in a polymer. The use of CareTips® in blends with biopolyesters provides flexibility in material transformation, while contributing to a reduction in its environmental impact. These blends are intended for the plastics industry, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics in alignment with corporate social responsibility goals.


This approach creates a virtuous cycle, preserving resources and promoting carbon circularity. The innovations presented in this white paper will facilitate your transition to more sustainable and environmentally friendly plastics.