Lactips enters a new industrial era with the official opening of its first production unit

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Saint-Paul-en-Jarez, September 12, 2022 – Lactips, the French company specialising in the production of the only 100% biosourced polymer, water-soluble and biodegradable in various environments, inaugurated its first 4,200 m² industrial unit in Saint-Paul-en Jarez (42) on 7 September, bringing new life to an old industrial site that has been closed since 2018. On this occasion, Alexis von Tschammer, CEO, presented the company’s new roadmap, which is part of the continuity and development of a new industrial marketing approach.


“As a pioneer, our vision is to become a global benchmark for natural and biodegradable polymers without microplastics actively contributing to the reduction of waste and pollution of fossil-based plastics,” says Alexis von Tschammer, CEO of Lactips, who took up his position on 1 July 2022.

Industry and the environment can no longer be separated in the understanding of our current economy. Industry is reinventing itself through sustainability, innovation and performance. With this objective in mind, Lactips manufactures a water-soluble natural polymer, biodegradable in various environments, with barrier properties to gases, fats and mineral oils, which enables it to support plastics manufacturers and contractors in their ecological and regulatory transition.
The last 8 years have been marked by major milestones: 15 years of scientific expertise, 7 international patents, 50 employees, more than 30 recognitions and labels, proven applications on three platforms (paper, film, biodegradability accelerator) and the delivery of a functional and qualified 4,200m² industrial site. “Lactips is built on a strong heritage of French deeptech, whose DNA focused on sustainable development remains a strong motivation to deploy the future,” says Alexis von Tschammer. The Board of Directors and shareholders of Lactips continue to offer unwavering support to the company to ensure this future.
Lactips will now accelerate time to market by capturing the expectations of near-consumer customers, plastics processors and rapidly evolving regulations. This approach will be at the heart of Lactips’ development strategy, deployed by Bertrand Dupeyroux, VP Sales & Marketing.



The project to build the new factory in Saint-Paul-en-Jarez, supported by an SCI represented by Lactips, NOVIM and the Banques des Territoires, has brought together many industrial, financial and local players, illustrating the desire to strengthen France’s industrial fabric in the service of innovation.
The new site brings back to life a former France Crème whipped cream production unit, closed in 2018, and has added an extension. The Lactips site covers 12,000 m² of land, housing a production unit and a research centre (3,200 m²) as well as administrative premises (1,000 m²) for a total usable area of 4,200 m². The renovation and construction work meets standards that exceed current norms, particularly in terms of energy consumption, materials and equipment used. This new operational plant offers a current production capacity of 1,500 tonnes per year of pellets with the ambition of eventually reaching 10,000 tonnes per year. This site will gradually be able to accommodate 6 production lines and meet the specific standards of the food industry. Lactips will soon be recruiting around ten new employees for production line operators, technicians and operators from the plastics and food industries.

“All these measures are the means of our ambitions to write the future, i.e. the passage from a deeptech, greentech start-up to a high-growth industrial SME recognised on the market as a pioneer in the ecological transition of plastics,” concludes Alexis von Tschammer.

About Lactips

Because plastics are necessary for human activity, but controlling their end-of-life is essential, Lactips manufactures a natural biodegradable polymer with multiple technical properties and performance to support manufacturers in their ecological transition. Answering to the challenges of sustainable development in the packaging sector and adapted to the needs of manufacturers, Lactips’ CareTips pellets are used to manufacture 100% natural and biodegradable solutions in water and in home-composting. This new material is also suitable for food products.

Founded in 2014 by Marie-Hélène Gramatikoff, a plasturgist and specialist in business strategy, and Frédéric Prochazka, PhD, a teacher-researcher at the University of Saint-Etienne, Lactips now employs more than 50 people at its new production site, which has a capacity of 3,000 tonnes per year. Lactips, a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, is one of the 20 leaders of the French Tech Green20 programme, has been awarded the GreenTech Innovation label and is one of the first companies to have received the “1000 Efficient Solutions” label from the Solar Impulse Foundation.

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