Lactips received funds from the EIC Accelerator programme

Last October Lactips announced that it has developed a first-generation Plastic Free PaperTM to offer manufacturers an innovative solution for sustainable, high-performance paper or cardboard packaging. Lactips is now glad to inform that it received funds from the European Innovation Council in order to help in developping next generation of paper or cardboard packagings.

What the EIC Accelerator programme is about?

The EIC Accelerator programme generally grants 70% of funding to innovative projects from industrial and technological SMEs. More specifically, the EIC Accelerator is aimed at disruptive innovation projects with European and international potential and a strong societal impact.

The EIC Accelerator selected Lactips as one of the best innovative companies in Europe to sign a grant agreement. Europe’s high standards lead to structuring and also allow the company to strengthen its international visibility.

How the EIC programme will accelerate the growth of Lactips?

Lactips’ vision is to free seas and environment from plastic. The project funded by The European Union will result in a paper-based food packaging, recyclable, fully biodegradable in nature and compostable (both industrially and at home), and free from any petroleum-based plastic. It answers the biggest challenge of paper packaging: ensuring food preservation at the same level than plastic multilayers.

Targeted applications for this eco-friendly food packaging, that Lactips unlocks for the first time, are fast food/take away, coffee pods, chocolate, coffee, pet food, biscuits, bread, butter, milk and juices, for the main ones. Lactips replaces plastic layers, currently necessary for their barrier performances and to reach current regulations for food safety and food shelf-life extension.

About 70% of food packaging is made of plastic (50% for dry products or products to be peeled or washed  that this project addresses notably). Imagining that our material is paving the way to have petroleum-plastic free packaging for these products, that could represent by 2030 a reduction from 70% to only 20% of plastic packaging (used for wet and fatty food).

This innovation have been selected by the Nova Institut and received the award Renewable Material of the Year 2022 !

To conclude, the EIC Accelerator funds will be used to achieve the second lever of Lactips, addressing the food packaging market opportunity. With plastic-free packaging leading to plastic-free seas and oceans, the product developed by Lactips will meet the Green Deal targets with a practical, easy-to-implement solution that industry has already shown great interest in.

After obtaining the SME instrument phase 2 grant in 2017, Europe signs a new mark of confidence in the industrial start-up, recently labelled Green20 by the Mission French Tech and the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery – a symbol of the 20 French GreenTech companies promising an upcoming emergence.

Plastic-free coating of takeaway food packaging